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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
Wow! This blog stille exists... thought that it was dead or something... apparently not! Cool. Well, I'm already blogging for like a year or so at

Cu there!! :)

Monday, August 12, 2002
Hia blogpps. Back at work after a heavy weekend. Yesterday was my 21st b-day. So things got a bit late on saturday and I spend the day itself with my girlfriend. I got some nice presents like fake emergency buttons that I can put on my computerkeyboard and a UFO-lamp. Today I got my mobile-bill. It wasn't a very pretty sight, I'm 15 euro over my monthly 12 euro... hmm... I gotta email some more...

Saturday, August 10, 2002
Today my parents with the youngest of my 3 brothers left for beautiful Switzerland.
They'll spend a week over there. I'm still here with my other two brothers. On another note, next week we'll be celebrating the King's 25th death anniversary. Yeah, I'm also into music. Me and my buddies have a band called Creators of Satan. Don't think we sacrifice our women or brutally slaughter pigs on stage. It's just a name that one of us popped up. I play the keyboard. We aim to start make a first appearance somewhere next summer. Okay, I'm signing off here, gotta go to the rehearsal of C.O.S... cu!!!

Friday, August 09, 2002
Yes yes yes!! I made it to my second post!! I got across some interesting sites so if you please bear with me, here we go.
Today's topic is electricity in it's many forms. Let's start of sparking with your own home made Tesla Coil. If you want an extra hand in your household, how about this robotic hand. It should be the most advanced one today. Even with robotic limbs, how could anyone cheat death, even if their heads is put in the freezer? I think that when you get back from the dead, you sure need a nice cup of tea. Maybe you'll get bored of the future, luckily, there are also toys of the future, like the 'zero launcher' or a 'wham-o-air-blaster'.

Enough talk about the future now.... see you tommorow!!

Thursday, August 08, 2002
Welcome to my humble temple!! With this first post, I want to say hello to you all as first-time blogger. I hope you enjoy your stay here! Who am i? I'm the guy behind the machine, typing in this stuff. Right, I'm a student history currently working in a local library here in beautiful Bruges, Belgium. I have to look after (and control haha!) the public access to the Internetterminals. So currently I'm kinda in internetalla with my own internetterminal (hehe!). I won't treat any particular topic since I'm involved in a lot of different area's (and own several other websites as well) So, this is kinda my personal ramble-page.... Well, I hope you like this!!!